Teebeutel Expansion

This is a sample Expansion Board for the Teebeutel v1.0.

You have an I²C-Interface, WS2812-Interface, Serial-Interface and 9 GPIO pins at your disposal. With these you can expand the Teebeutels feature set.


With the Stripboard version you can quickly prototype new accessories with conventional through-hole parts. You can also utilize some SMD components using the SMD-Pads at the top of the board.

A KiCad render of the stripbaord expansion


The Blank version can be used as a template the design of your own custom Expansion-PCBs.

Expansion Boards

These Expansion Boards have been published:

Publishing your Expansion Board

If you want to publish your Expansions please keep this in mind:

  • Please remember to publish your Expansion under an OSHW-License! We want to keep the Teebeutle and it’s expansions accsassible for everyone.

  • Try to use an accessible file format (KiCad, EAGLE, PDF, Images)

  • Please document your Hardware and Software

To publish your Expansion feel free to create a Pull-Request to add a link to your Expansion (i.e. Repository, Documentation, etc.) above.